Heart of America Van Council Membership

Membership Information

2021 Club Dues: $65
(includes club event insurance)
Individual Dues: $25

1) Any person age 18 or older, who owns a van, or any organized Van Club.
2) Clubs must be incorporated to be a member of H.O.A.V.C.
3) A member of a Van Club holding membership in H.O.A.V.C. in good standing, is considered a member by association of H.O.A.V.C.
4) Associate Member: A person who does hold membership in H.O.A.V.C. but cannot vote nor hold office. They will however be entitled to receive the H.O.A.V.C. newsletter. Upon the purchase of a van, Associate members will be converted to full membership.

VOTING is limited to two (2) votes per member club and one (1) vote per Independent member.

To join:
Print a copy of our membership form and submit with payment.

Click here for membership form

Ask for a copy of our Council By-Laws for more information